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Are you among the thousands of first-time gun owners who recently purchased a gun to defend yourself and your loved ones? Or, do you have a gun you bought or inherited that you never took the time to learn how to shoot?

This class is designed to teach you the basics of owning and operating your firearm(s).

Topics will include the following topics, as a minimum:

  • Basic gun safety
  • Gun storage
  • Basic legal obligations surrounding when you should/shouldn’t shoot.
  • Range Etiquette
  • Basic marksmanship
  • Dry fire training
  • Gun maintenance
  • Recommended follow-up training

This live-fire training opportunity will be conducted on a private range, on dirt and gravel ranges. Groups will be kept small, so we can train while still practicing reasonable social distancing.

[note: Actual course time will depend on average student experience and desired training goals.]

What to bring:

Required for each student

  • Great attitude, willingness to have fun, and eagerness to learn!
  • Head gear: Hat, ball cap, or other brimmed head-wear to protect you from the sun and potential flying/floating debris.
  • Eye protection: Shooting glasses, prescription glasses, sunglasses, or other suitable tempered protective eyewear.
  • Hearing protection: Ear plugs or ear muffs are required. Electronic ear muffs are preferred, for those who have access to them.
  • IMPORTANT:  Closed-toed, comfortable shoes. We will be standing a lot. Bring something comfortable, with a thick enough sole to protect your feet while walking on expended brass, gravel and/or dirt.
  • Ammunition: At least 100 rounds for each gun you plan to fire. (If you have issues obtaining ammunition, contact me for more options; at least 3 days prior to class)

Hint … If you do not already own protective gear, and you do not want to buy everything right away, please let me know.  I have a limited supply of loaner gear I can bring for you.

Highly recommended:

  • Equipment: Any additional equipment you may have (speed loaders, extra magazines, holsters, etc.)
  • Cool drinking water. We will be working outside. Regardless of the weather, you will need to be drinking to stay safe and healthy.
    IMPORANT: Limit or avoid caffeine intake for 12hrs prior to training outdoors to prevent dehydration and heat related injuries.
  • Sunscreen or Rain gear: We will have limited cover and you will be exposed to the weather during all exercises.
  • Comfortable seating: The range does not have seating in the shooting bays. Folding chairs are HIGHLY encouraged.
  • Snacks: You will be burning a lot of calories. The range is a LONG way from the nearest convenience store or drive-thru. You will not be able to grab snacks once the class begins.

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