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Successful completion of this 8 hour course will result in the shooter having exceeded Placer County’s requirements to obtain a Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) permit.

IMPORTANT: Before you take this class please see my “Prerequisites” information at the bottom of this page.

This concealed carry course is based on the belief that anybody who carries a legally concealed gun should know more than how to shoot accurately. We want you to be prepared to avoid the worst case scenario, but we will also provide you skills and drills to help you survive a Dynamic Critical Incident. We train you to work with your body’s natural responses, developing shooting and movement that work efficiently. You will also learn what to do AFTER an incident, if you are forced to use your gun to defend yourself or your loved ones.

Class sizes are small, so you get plenty of personal attention and coaching. We keep our classes to a maximum of 10 shooters per day.

You will spend nearly 3-5 hours of the required 8 hours on shooting drills, developing your ability to react defensively and intelligently. Because we emphasize training through repetition, we ask that you bring 200-400 rounds for training, but you will also need 30 rounds per gun you want on your CCW permit. You must qualify with each pistol (up to 3) that you want to carry.

Suggestion: If you are still not sure whether this class is for you, or whether this is the best time for you to take this class, please sign up for my “CCW Prep” class. CCW Prep will get into why you want to carry, what you should carry, how to start the process of getting certified to carry, and any other questions you may come up with.

What to bring

Required for each student

  • Great attitude, willingness to have fun, and eagerness to learn!
  • Protective Headgear: Hat, ball cap, or other brimmed head covering to protect you from the sun and potential flying/floating debris.
  • Eye protection: Shooting glasses, prescription glasses, sunglasses, or other suitable tempered protective eyewear.
  • Hearing protection: Ear plugs or ear muffs are required. Electronic ear muffs are preferred, for those who have access to them.
  • Closed-toed, comfortable shoes: We will be standing a lot. Bring something comfortable, with a thick enough sole to protect your feet while walking on gravel and/or dirt.
  • For Qualification Up to 3 handguns to be listed on your permit.
    • 2-3 magazines (semi-autos) or 1-2 rapid loaders (revolver) for each gun you want listed on your CCW permit.
    • Holsters for each handgun.
    • 30 rounds of ammunition for each gun.
  • For Training
    • Outside the waistband holster for at least one of your handguns.
    • 3 magazines (semi-autos) or 1-3 rapid loaders (revolver) for your training gun.
    • 200 – 400 rounds of ammunition (more rounds = more practice = more prepared).
      ( In light of the current shortage … bring what you can. We’ll work with it!)
      (NOTE: Due to changes in California law regarding ammunition sales, students will need to purchase all ammunition prior to arrival at the range. If you cannot do that, please contact me in advance. I can often help training ammunition. I cannot, however, permit you to take training ammunition home. So, we’ll shoot until it is gone!)

Highly recommended

  • Cool drinking water: We will be working outside. Regardless of the weather, you will need to be drinking to stay safe and healthy.
  • IMPORANT: Limit or avoid caffeine intake for 12 hours prior to training outdoors to prevent dehydration and heat related injuries.
  • Sunscreen: We will have limited cover and you will be exposed to considerable sun.
  • Comfortable seating: The range has limited or no seating available. What they provide can often be uncomfortable. Folding chairs are HIGHLY encouraged.
  • Snacks and/or lunch: You will be burning calories. The range is a LONG way from the nearest convenience store or drive-thru. You will not have time to buy food or drink once the class begins.
  • Any training material that was not 100% clear to you, so we can review it with you and clarify anything you did not fully understand.


  • You should have basic handgun fundamentals, including knowledge and experience with any safety features on your guns. If you have never fired a gun, or haven’t fired a gun in years, please take a “Fundamentals” class first.
  • If your gun handling proves unsafe or inadequate, the instructor WILL NOT provide a certificate of completion. You will be required to attend remedial training.
  • You should have received an approval for your CCW application from your Sheriff’s office. The Placer County CCW website recommends all new applicants obtain approval to carry PRIOR TO obtaining training.
  • Training certificates are valid for 3 months from date of issuance. If the county’s issuance process takes longer than that (and it can) you will need to repeat your training.
  • If you are unsure about any aspect of the process, or these prerequisites, please take my CCW Prep class. It is FREE and I will help you get everything started.

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